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Dr. Taylor Whitcombe

Associate Veterinarian
I decided I wanted to be a vet at the age of seven when I got my first ever dog, Blossom. Seeing the skills and problem solving that were involved in the day to day management of a case, was what got me fascinated about veterinary medicine. The opportunity to work with animals and their families to solve problems as they present themselves are what keep me interested and eager to learn more about this profession. Day by day, I enjoy most working with the staff and the helping clients that come through. I am from Perth, Western Australia, 17,870 km from Sudbury and yes, I love the cold! Being from overseas, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and have offered a great deal of insight, both into the town, as well as the profession. My first pet was a black, Shih-Tzu-Maltese mix, called Blossom.


Vaccines and Why My Pet Should Get Them?

Whether it be humans or pets we all know that immunizing against diseases is the best tool for preventive medicine.

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