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Susan Kari


After leaving the industry for two years, I decided to join Baxter Animal Hospital. I had many dealings with the clinic both professionally and personally. I loved what they stood for, as well as the kindness and dedication of the staff. I have always had special interests in pet food, canine behaviour and pet/human interaction. I love the fact that I can combine all of my interests in one job by assisting and educating clients and just getting to know them. They are such great people! I love the 'down home' family feel between all of the staff and the clients.

I grew up with an assortment of pets. My first pet as an adult was also the only pet I've ever picked out of a litter. She was a beautiful tortoiseshell complete with "torti" attitude named Bandit. Loved her for it! Fun fact about me is that I made all the arrangements, preparations etc. to have my first home moved from one site to another.


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