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Heartworm Disease

Can a mosquito infect a dog with a deadly disease? Unfortunately the answer is yes and this happens repeatedly every year to dogs in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Our beloved family dog is what is called the “natural host” for heartworm, and that means that this foot long adult worm can establish itself […]

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Tick Alert!

  Ticks are on the rise and they will continue to expand northward at approximately 46km per year.  They can be found in areas of Southern British Columbia, southeastern and south central Manitoba, southern, eastern and northwestern Ontario, southern Quebec, southern New Brunswick and parts of Nova Scotia. Our most common ticks are the American […]

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Pet Dental Cleanings: The Veterinary Difference

There’s been a lot of controversy these days about local establishments offering dental cleanings. Your veterinarian is also recommending a dental cleaning for Fluffy. Let’s discuss the differences. When Fluffy visits the groomer/boarding facility a dental cleaning could just mean brushing the teeth with a tasty toothpaste. It could be more in depth and actually […]

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Spring Safety For Cats

The days are getting longer, temperatures are getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter these days! Wow! Feels like spring is in the air! We want to be able to start enjoying the outdoors! Opening up our windows to let the fresh air in the house… wait a minute… what is that scratching sound… oh […]

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Pet Outdoor Spring Safety: Boomer’s Blog

Boy I am happy to see the snow starting to melt.  My kong does not work well in the snow!  I do get to do a great deal of digging to find it though, so things are not all bad. I now have a young step brother – a 20 week old Golden no less […]

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