What? My Indoor Cats Can Get Worms?

Yes they sure can! Cats (indoor or outdoor) being the hunters that they are, require frequent deworming throughout the year. So how do indoor cats get infected with worms?


Senior Pet Care Nutrition

Joint pain, stiffness, lameness, mobility difficulties, and lethargy. These are symptoms that human’s feel as we age. Did you know that our pets can also show these signs as they become seniors?

tick alert

Tick Alert!

  Ticks are on the rise and they will continue to expand northward at approximately 46km per year.  They can be found in areas of Southern British Columbia, southeastern and south central Manitoba, southern, eastern and northwestern Ontario, southern Quebec, southern New Brunswick and parts of Nova Scotia. Our most…

heart worm disease

Heartworm Disease

Can a mosquito infect a dog with a deadly disease? Unfortunately the answer is yes and this happens repeatedly every year to dogs in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Our beloved family dog is what is called the “natural host” for heartworm, and that means that this foot long…