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Owning a Senior Pet

  Well it is that time of the year and we are promoting senior wellness testing for our senior patients. I thought I would share with you how it feels to own a senior pet, I have a 12 year old golden retriever named Gidget, she has been with me since she was 6 months […]

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Behaviour and Senior Pets Part One

As your dog or cat gets older, he/she may develop changes in behavior. These behaviour changes can be indicators of medical problems or other causes of concern. Because you are your pet’s main caregiver, you will be able to recognize these changes from the norm. Here is a list of possible behaviour changes in older […]

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Spring at Baxter Animal Hospital by Michelle, RVT

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are on the rise! It is at this time of the year that things starts to pop up in and on the ground and the surroundings around. If you have a new or young puppy or maybe even a very curious older dog, then here are some things to […]

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All About Fleas from Baxter Animal Hospital

Written by Dr. Morag Maskery The weather is changing and with this warming up we are heading into Flea Season! All dogs and cats are at risk for fleas if they go outside, live in a household where one pet goes outside or have visiting animals or other pets in an apartment building living in […]

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“Reese the Bad Dog” by Dr. Morag Maskery

Reese is a 4 year old Chocolate Lab who lives with Dr. Maskery and her family. He is extremely friendly and loves all people and other dogs. He especially loves his cat housemates Paprika and Rudy. He is kept very healthy with lots of exercise, a great dog kibble called Hills Prescription T/D and regular […]

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