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The Importance of Puppy Socialization by Michelle McParland, RVT

Congratulations! You are either thinking of getting a puppy or you have one! My name is Michelle McParland, I am a Registered Technician who offers Puppy Socialization Classes here at Baxter Animal Hospital. There are a few things I would like to share with you about puppyhood that can help you and your new addition […]

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A Week at Baxter Animal Hospital by Kayla Guse, OVC Student

Primary care. Those are the words used to describe the front lines of veterinary medicine. Vaccines, spaying & neutering, parasite screening, dental cleanings, managing diseases, preventative health care, and much, much more fall under this umbrella. As a final year veterinary student at the Ontario Veterinary College I’ve been spending the year participating in various […]

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Buying Pet Insurance, Buying Peace of Mind by Bev Blake, RV

When I acquired a pet, it was a large commitment for the next several years on my own part and my new friends life. With a new pet comes the commitment of training, plenty of exercise, quality food, shelter, vaccinations, spay/neuter, annual physical exams, and not to forget medical care in case of disease, accident […]

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Boomer’s Blog: Keeping Teeth Safe

Chewing my Kong, Chewing my Kong – Tough work for a Jack Russell but lots of fun. My dad has been checking my teeth lots these last few days. I see plenty of dog and cat teeth pictures around the treatment area of our clinic; Dad tells me it is a dental focus for our […]

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Puppy Socialization Classes in Sudbury at Baxter Animal Hospital!

Puppy Socialization Sudbury We are pleased to announce Baxter Animal Hospital will be offering a series of puppy socialization classes for your new puppy! The classes are designed to be both fun and informative. Our Sudbury vet’s puppy socialization classes are open to puppies 8 to 12 weeks of age. They will be held Tuesday […]

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