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Pet Dental Cleanings: The Veterinary Difference

There’s been a lot of controversy these days about local establishments offering dental cleanings. Your veterinarian is also recommending a dental cleaning for Fluffy. Let’s discuss the differences. When Fluffy visits the groomer/boarding facility a dental cleaning could just mean brushing the teeth with a tasty toothpaste. It could be more in depth and actually […]

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Let’s Talk Teeth!

Did you know that poor periodontal disease can lead to cardiac and kidney disease.  Did you know that cats have 32 teeth and dogs have 48 teeth. Did you know that if your pet has bad breath, that he or she may need a dental cleaning? Pet’s oral health is very important in both our […]

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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Dog

In the past few decades, our pet’s standard of care has greatly improved due to the increased awareness of the importance our pet’s dental care. A healthy mouth has proven to be a major factor in increasing our pet’s overall health and longevity. Dental disease not only affects our pet’s mouth and teeth, but can […]

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Why Do We Anesthetize Our Pet’s for Dental Treatments?

So your veterinarian has recommended  a dental cleaning for your pet Fluffy.  What is involved in this?  We often call “Dental Cleanings” a COHAT.  That is a Complete Oral Health Cleaning, Assessment and Treatment.  It involves much more than just a cleaning of the teeth.  It is important to not only clean the visible tartar […]

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Boomer’s Blog: Keeping Teeth Safe

Chewing my Kong, Chewing my Kong – Tough work for a Jack Russell but lots of fun. My dad has been checking my teeth lots these last few days. I see plenty of dog and cat teeth pictures around the treatment area of our clinic; Dad tells me it is a dental focus for our […]

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Veterinarian with owner and dog

Vaccines and Why My Pet Should Get Them?

Whether it be humans or pets we all know that immunizing against diseases is the best tool for preventive medicine.

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