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Dog Behavioural Counseling

Behaviour issues are a very common concern with most owners. Some concerns can be managed at home with simple changes. However, more severe cases could require a lot of work and may require an experienced trainer. A consultation with your veterinarian can help set you and your pet on the right path.

How can dog counsellors help?

Dog counsellors can help guide, direct and support your pet through the plan that the doctor has established.

What happens at the consultation?

We obtain a detailed medical and behavioural history of your pet in order to develop a plan that addresses your specific concerns.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of my consultation?

Some insurance companies will cover a certain amount per year. To learn more about your current coverage, we recommend you contact your pet insurance provider prior to your appointment.

What is expected after the consultation?

After the consultation, we will follow up with a phone call, as well as in-clinic re-evaluations to discuss improvements, difficulties or setbacks you may be experiencing. Alterations to the treatment plan and protocol may be done.

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