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Dog X-ray

Our veterinary team has access to leading radiology services. Our digital x-ray equipment ensures your dog has minimal exposure to radiation while providing our veterinarians with clear digital imaging to evaluate your dog’s condition.

Dental Care

The most commonly diagnosed health problem in dogs is dental disease. Bad breath, red and swollen gums, changes in appetite/eating and chewing habits, depression or pawing at the face are all symptoms of a greater underlying problem and should be treated immediately. At Baxter Animal Hospital, we provide a full…

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering your dog is one of the many responsibilities of being a pet owner and has shown to have numerous health benefits. Every year over 50,000 unwanted pets are euthanized in Ontario shelters due to overpopulation.


Microchips are an effective backup option for pet identification. Approximately about 10 million pets go missing annually and microchipping your pet is a simple and effective procedure to ensure the pets return home.