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Pet euthanasia is the final act of saying “goodbye” to our pet.

Senior Care

Due to improved veterinary care and dietary habits, pets are living longer now, than they ever have before. One consequence of this is that pets, along with their owners and veterinarians, are faced with a whole new set of age-related conditions.


Overweight Dog Help

In North America, obesity is the most common preventable disease in dogs. Obesity is defined as an accumulation of excess body fat. According to estimates, 40% to 50% of dogs are overweight and 25% are obese. Obesity is typically caused by excessive food intake and insufficient exercise, however, there are…


Behavioural Counseling

Behaviour issues are a very common concern with most owners. Some concerns can be managed at home with simple changes. However, more severe cases could require a lot of work and may require an experienced trainer. A consultation with your veterinarian can help set you and your pet on the…