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Measures To Prevent Dental Disease

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy

Over the decades, human dentistry has evolved from focusing on treatment to emphasizing prevention. We have all heard about plaque, tartar, gingivitis and cavities so we brush twice a day, floss regularly and visit the dentist every 6 months.


A Look into the Mouths of Our Pets

  Our dogs and cats need ongoing dental care as much as we do.  Having a thorough oral and dental exam is done as part of a routine yearly health check can help our pets live longer and healthier lives.  There are many diseases that can start in the mouth…

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Pet Dental Cleanings: The Veterinary Difference

There’s been a lot of controversy these days about local establishments offering dental cleanings. Your veterinarian is also recommending a dental cleaning for Fluffy. Let’s discuss the differences. When Fluffy visits the groomer/boarding facility a dental cleaning could just mean brushing the teeth with a tasty toothpaste. It could be…