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Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in the air and with it comes warm weather, the end of the school year, the beginning of summer holidays, trips to your camp/cottage and dreaded allergies. Did you know that your pets can suffer from seasonal allergies just like you or me? It’s true, our furry friends…


What is Pyometra and How Can it Harm My Pet?

As a veterinarian, there are certain diseases and conditions that I encounter more commonly than others. There is one condition in particular that I often see in older, intact female dogs/cats. This condition is called pyometra. This condition can be life-threatening to your pet and often quite expensive to treat….

oral health

Why Won’t My Pet Eat?

This month’s blog is about your pet’s oral health not just because we were in the February focus for dental health but because of my own recent oral health problem.  You see, 2 weeks ago, I began feeling, terrible pain in my lower jaw.  I had no idea what it…


A Look into the Mouths of Our Pets

  Our dogs and cats need ongoing dental care as much as we do.  Having a thorough oral and dental exam is done as part of a routine yearly health check can help our pets live longer and healthier lives.  There are many diseases that can start in the mouth…