The 4Dx Parasitic Screening Test

If you refer to our facebook page, we have a video posted of a drop of whole blood that contains microfilaria. This is one of the larval stages of heartworm. If you look very closely, you will see it moving around. This is what the mosquito picks up in its mouthparts when it bites an infected dog and then passes it to other dogs.

This is the test we run in the clinic, it is called a 4dx Parasitic Screening test. The test shows if a dog is positive for heartworm, it also checks for tick-borne disease such as Lyme disease.

Please don’t forget to have your dog tested! For prevention, call and discuss what is best for your dog with the veterinary staff at Baxter Animal Hospital.

The following are excellent resources regarding heartworm lifecycle, how it is transmitted and more.

Written by Baxter Animal Hospital