A Day In Surgery

My name is Alicia, and I am a co-op student here at Baxter Animal Hospital. I started my co-op at the end of September, and I have to say I learn so much in one day than I probably would in a week’s time at school. There is never a dull moment here. Especially surgery day, the day I get the ultimate amount of knowledge, and that makes me feel accomplished.

When I arrive in the morning for surgery day, the first thing I do is set up the IVs. I will set up the same amount of IVs as surgeries we have that day. Warming blankets up is a must for this day, so that when the animals come out of surgery, they can keep their temperature up. Animal restraint is also big for surgery prep so we can ensure that the animal and vet/vet techs remain safe. I am still learning and getting comfortable with animal restraint so most of the time I observe on how to do it. Depending on the number of surgeries we have that day, I will not only watch them but will monitor and record their vital signs. After the surgery is done the animal will wake up and then start on the road to recovery.

It’s only been a little over a month since I have started here at Baxter’s and I love every minute of it. Everything that happens there is a learning opportunity. Being 18 and still trying to figure out my path I want to take in life is tricky, but with this co-op, it has taught me so much about myself and what I will pursue.

Written by Alicia Chenier, Co-Op Student