Boomer’s Blog: Keeping Teeth Safe

Chewing my Kong, Chewing my Kong – Tough work for a Jack Russell but lots of fun. My dad has been checking my teeth lots these last few days. I see plenty of dog and cat teeth pictures around the treatment area of our clinic; Dad tells me it is a dental focus for our clinic. He says while dental care is a year round concern; sometimes we need to take an extra moment to highlight for our clients how important it is for their pets’ overall health.

Dad says I am only allowed to chew things that are unlikely to damage my teeth. Really hard things like antlers, bones, rocks and hard plastic toys could all potentially break my teeth leading to pain and possible infection. It would be a sad day if I could not chew my Kong because my teeth hurt. Dad says dogs and cats are all different in what they like to chew or not. There are foodstuffs, treats and stuff to put in water to help prevent disease. Dad says it is best for other pet parents to talk to one of the staff at the hospital about what is a good choice for their pets’ oral health. There are so many choices and not all of them are good – even though the label or my nose says they are good!

Dad brushes my teeth when I am playing with my Kong. I do not mind too much because I have my Kong 🙂 Dad mumbles he should be doing it at least every other day, but I know he doesn’t. Dad says picking a special time with a special reward at the end of the brushing is a very helpful way to encourage pets to like having their teeth brushed. I think “like” is a strong word!

Dad tells me even though he looks at my teeth lots and keeps them clean, sometimes there is stuff happening he cannot see with his glasses. He says below the gum line also gets diseases that need xrays to see. Unless they put dental film inside my Kong , I’m not holding still for that ! Dad says not to worry as I get anesthetized for that procedure and they clean and polish my teeth at the same time. I might even get some special treats after to help keep them clean.

Off I go to chase my Kong in the snow – snow in my Kong doesn’t taste as yummy as peanut butter but I still like it anyway.