Boomer’s Blog: It’s Christmas Time!

I am Boomer a 10 year old male neutered Jack Russell. I will not tell you too much about myself at this time, but will give you little insights as this blog gets older.

As Christmas is around the corner, I thought I would talk about Christmas gifts especially toys ! I love toys; my dad says I have OCD. ( I do not think I am an Old Cranky Dog ) Any toy that goes squeak, I love to tear apart and get that sound – problem is my Dad says eating all those little pieces of stuff and the squeaker parts could cause me some stomach issues and even get stuck in there – parents are no fun ! He watches me whenever I have one of these! I also love a good stick to chew on or other hard things I can sink my teeth into or not. Again Dad says I could get pieces stuck in my mouth or even break teeth which would need to then be pulled out. My Dad say if I do not want to get hit with it , it is too hard for me to be chewing on. My favourite toys are Kongs – Dad says my eyes get really big when he gets my Kong out. He lets me chew on it all day long. He says it is not harmful for my teeth and helps keep me focused and not doing bad things. I like it with a bit of peanut butter too, but plain is fine!

There are plenty of doggy treats at Christmas too. Dad says the occasional something different is OK for my stomach. I guess some other dogs get really sick when they eat something different or lots of something new, I guess they should take it easy. I like Christmas dinner as much as the next dog but Dad says I have to be careful about eating too much. Especially with gravy as it has lots of fat and can give me the runs or worse. Best of all are the sweets – yummy! Dad says I cannot have any chocolate sweets. Does not mean I won’t try at times, but he is very careful to keep them away. Sometimes I cannot help myself so my Dad has to do the tough things and keep me from harming myself.

There is so much to think about but I would rather play with my Kong. I hang out at the clinic all the time and hear my Dad telling people if they have any questions no matter how small, they should ask one of the people that works there. He says they are all happy to deal with even the smallest of issues or concerns.

Funny, Dad wasn’t too happy when I tried to take a little pee on the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas !!