Cats & Parasites

So, it is that time of year…

The temperature is starting to rise, the sun is out more and the snow is melting. Your cat is starting to get the itch to go outside. Have you thought about all the outdoor bugs that he or she could pick up?

Hunting cats can pick up Tapeworms and or Roundworms. The possibility of ear mites -lovely little microscopic critters that live in the ear…. Fleas and Ticks, Oh my!

Most of the time you will not see a tick on your cat as they are constant groomers! But there is still that chance. We have seen ticks on Cats here before.
Did you know that there are safe products available for your cat to use to prevent ticks and fleas….

Please ask your veterinarian or a staff member about what is available to keep these pesky pests away!

Written by Michelle McParland, RVT