Safe Pets for Christmas This Year!

Who doesn’t want a safe & healthy pet all throughout this coming holiday season?

Each year as we approach the holidays we like to remind everyone, about keeping their pets safe during the hectic Christmas season. But unfortunately, each year we still see dogs and cats on emerge. Dogs that have eaten an entire box of chocolates or the turkey bones out of the garbage and cats that ingest holiday plants or Christmas tree tinsel.

This year, we going to try harder to ensure we don’t treat any holiday sick pets.
What happens at Christmas that causes the influx of illnesses in our pets?

  • Taking short cuts because we are so busy
  • Preoccupation with guests and family
  • Joyful guests that slip the pooch a treat
  • Excessive amounts of food, treats and ‘stuff’ in our homes

So now we need to see what we can do to alleviate some of these pitfalls…

1. Chocolate, whatever colour but especially DARK should never ever be at nose level, keep it up high and
out of reach.

2. All fatty foods i.e. Turkey skin/fat, bones, cookies & sweets must be disposed of properly or stored

3. Festive plants should not enter the house or if given one pass along to someone without pets or kids.

4. Tree decorations are awesome to look at and eat, if you’re a cat. So never buy the tinsel type decorations than could potentially be a foreign body in your cat.

5. Thin Ribbon also attracts cats, so forego all temptations under the tree.

6. Politely warn your guests to not feed Rover unless it’s one of his treats, or they could share the vet bill.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday while keeping your pets safe and healthy!!
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