Senior Pet Care Nutrition

Joint pain, stiffness, lameness, mobility difficulties, and lethargy. These are symptoms that human’s feel as we age. Did you know that our pets can also show these signs as they become seniors?

As the fall season approaches, the nights become cooler, and there is more dampness in the air and we can feel these changes, but so do our pets.

So what can we do for them?

Check the food that you are currently feeding your pet. Does it contain Glucosamine? Green lipped mussel? Omega 3? If not, then there are supplements that can be added to their diet that can help our senior patients be more comfortable with the change of seasons.

A few supplements that we like to recommend are Glucosamine HCL (with chondroitin) and Essential Fatty Acids, they come in both a liquid and tablet form and is given once daily with a meal. There are other products that can also be prescribed, but in doing so, a physical examination with our veterinarian and bloodwork would need to be done to ensure that there are no kidney and liver concerns.

If you can observe any of the following changes in our pet at home, your pet may be a good candidate for a senior bloodwork panel and examination:

  • Is your pet having difficulty jumping?
  • Does your pet enjoy going for walks?
  • Any changes in sleeping pattern?
  • Showing tremors or shaking?
  • Interacting less often with family?
  • Losing housetraining habits?
  • Exhibiting increased stiffness or limping?
  • Responding less often or less enthusiastically?

If your pet is showing more than one of these signs, it is time for sure to bring them to the veterinarian to see how we can help!


Written by Rhonda Piche Ranta