Our veterinary team has access to leading radiology services. Our digital x-ray equipment ensures your dog has minimal exposure to radiation while providing our veterinarians with clear digital imaging to evaluate your dog’s condition.

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How do you use radiology services at your clinic?

Baxter Animal Hospital utilizes digital x-ray equipment, which means that images are available immediately for interpretation and analysis. When an x-ray is recommended for your pet, our doctors interpret the image right away so you can be informed of your pet’s results during the appointment. Occasionally, sedation is required and you will be notified if this is requested for your pet.

How do you prepare your dog for their x-ray appointment?

The procedure for taking an x-ray is relatively simple and for most dogs does not require any preparation at all. In order to take an x-ray, your dog is required to lie on the x-ray table without moving, while he/she is held in the correct position to take an x-ray of the desired body part. If you believe your dog will not be able to hold still or cooperate during the x-ray procedure (nervous dogs, aggressive dogs or hyperactive dogs) and may require sedation, fasting your dog before their appointment is recommended.

How much do dog x-ray examinations cost?

The cost of x-rays vary with each pet. Costs are determined by the number of pictures that need to be taken and if sedation is required. Please contact Baxter Animal Hospital for a treatment plan for your pet.

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