Spring Is Here And So Are Ticks!

Welcome spring! How exciting it is to get outside with your pet and enjoy the warmer breeze and the sun!

Along with this season comes some dangers that we do not want around our pets and us!

Ticks are around now (that carry Lyme disease), and mosquitos are on their way (that cause heartworm) and of course black flies – but they just bit us good!

There are options available that either come in a chewable tablet form monthly and liquid ampule behind the back of the neck.

Not only are ticks and mosquitos out, but also parvo (passed along from infected feces) and leptospirosis (passed along by our pets getting in contact with contaminated water in creeks, ponds, and rivers).

Prevention of the Parvo virus and Leptospiorsis is vaccinating our pets.

Protecting your pet is the best prevention to keep them healthy and happy!

Written by Rhonda, Receptionist