The “Spring Thaw” is coming

As the temperatures start to rise and the ground starts melting we need to be aware of the safety precautions to take for ourselves along with our pets.

Water Danger – When the lakes, creeks and ponds starting melting, we need to keep in mind our dogs have been used to running and playing on them for the past several months and may not understand the safety hazards of falling through. Always check weather and warnings to ensure it is safe to still venture.

Dietary Indiscretion – Our dogs have a tendency to leave their last year’s rawhides, bones and other treats that we gave last fall on the ground. When the snow starts melting their sense of smell can find that long lost treat and seems to be as delicious as ever! The problem is, it can cause an upset GI (vomiting and diarrhea). Always check around the yard and on walks.

Salt on the Roads – When we take our dogs for walks, if the sidewalks are slippery, not plowed or full of water, we walk them on the road. Our roads here are well saturated with road salt in Northern Ontario. You can put on booties while walking as a precaution or when you get back home wipe off their feet with a warm washcloth to ensure they do not lick the salt since this can make them quite ill.

Written by Rhonda Ranta, Receptionist