Anne Huard

Clinic Manager

I have loved animals all my life and spent a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm. In high school, I had to decide between law and becoming a veterinarian and chose law. I graduated from Cambrian College as a Correctional Officer and somehow, I gravitated towards becoming an Animal Control Officer, which I thought was great since I would be working with dogs and cats to then becoming a pet groomer. It doesn’t end there of course, from the pet groomer I was then given an opportunity the be a receptionist at a vet clinic to where I am now.

I joined Baxter Animal Hospital in 1998 one year after the clinic opened. I would have to say the people interest me the most. I love to talk to clients about their pets and share stories with them whether it is pet related or not. What I love most about my job is that every day is different, from puppy and kitten appointments to sick patients to chatting with clients picking food for their pets. My favourite thing about the clinic is that I have a second place I call home.

Fun fact about myself is that I love to read, especially books on vampires. I can be bribed with chocolate covered almonds. My first pet was a female calico cat name Minoune and my first dog was a beagle mix female and her name was Princess.