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Michelle McParland

Senior Registered Veterinary Technician and Puppy Class Instructor

I graduated from St. Clair College in 1998 from the technician program. After a couple of other college degrees, I ended up working in a veterinary clinic as front desk staff. While working in this position, I would also volunteer to come in on weekends to do kennel work or help with the hospitalized pets. This aspired my love for working with animals and I pursued my interests in veterinary medicine.

I joined Baxter Animal Hospital in March 2000. I wanted to live in Northern Ontario (I'm a city girl born and raised), and when this position came up, I jumped on it. I'm interested in canine and feline behaviour, fitness, and rehabilitation. I have a certificate in dog training/obedience from ICS, and Puppy Start Right certificate from the Karen Pryor Academy and continue to work on education and certification in behaviour, fitness, and rehabilitation.

I love surgery and the excitement of clinical cases. I also love being there for our patients and families and my Puppy Socialization Classes. Our family-like connection and the team we are and have become. Fun fact about me is that I love to be outside in the summer and huddled indoors during the -30 degree Celsius winters. Enjoy working with my dog in obedience and training and quiet walks with him. Enjoy family time with my son and husband out at the campground! Special interests in dog training and behaviour counselling with a certificate in Dog Training/Obedience from ICS Canada and working towards CPDT Certificate. Also, my very first family pet that I remember was a coonhound named Peter. I now have a Golden Retriever named Kolbassa, two cats named Alaska and Crosby and two Rats named Peanut and Bob. Oh, and I kinda take care of the Clinic cat, Steve.


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