Baxter’s Students and Volunteers

Let’s give a round of applause to our wonderful students and volunteers! Actually, scratch that! They deserve a standing ovation! Pet owners may not have built a bond with our girls, but your pets know them well and their behind-the-scenes work goes far beyond any expectations.

For decades, Baxter Animal Hospital has been dedicated to helping the adolescents and young adults of Greater Sudbury explore a career path in veterinary medicine. Baxter hosts volunteers looking to complete their mandatory community service hours to fulfil diploma requirements. Also at Baxter, we have programs alongside YMCA to help get young workers experience. We love to see the students volunteering for their community. We really do get excited with helping and encouraging our young peoples’ goals in the field of veterinary medicine. It’s so inspiring to see the new generation of students completing their externship and following their dream career path. In some ways, it’s better to get your feet wet to see if you’re cut out for some uncomfortable situations before investing years and tens of thousands in tuition.

Our students are trained and utilized to the best of their capabilities. Their daily tasks help them grow a multitude of skills. Not just technical skills, but growing their confidence in customer service and social skills with all types of clients.

If your pet is hospitalized, it’s our volunteers who are cleaning the kennels because Fluffy had an accident. They are the ones literally sitting in the kennel patiently hand feeding them and showing them some extra love. It’s our students who do their best to keep your pets warm and comfortable after surgery, because let’s be honest – a lot of your pets just want to be cuddled and feel a friendly hand re-assuring them. These girls are truly eager to engage with all the pets and truly love and have a passion for what they do.

Looking back to when we were new to our careers, don’t you wish there was a little more patience and understanding shown because you were new and still learning the ropes. That level of patience and guidance would have been/was so appreciated because we were still learning what we are capable of and what we can accomplish. We can all influence and guide the younger generation to excel. We have all been at the bottom at some point in our career. Let us help make it a smooth start by showing a warm welcome and by doing our part to allow them the freedom to explore the best they can be!

Written by Holley, RVT