Cooper’s Corner; Spring Time

Spring is coming, and that means lots of water for me to play in, lay in and just get good and wet. My brother Boomer hates the water, but not me, and I intend to spend as much time there as I can. Now, most of this happens on our walks in the wooded and field areas around the city where I live.

Of course, there is also starting to be visible some parts of nature that have been hiding under the snow for months. Some of these are alive, and others are definitely not alive and are really rotten -these are the tastiest 🙂 My brother Boomer likes to roll in them and cover himself with the smell – I see a bath coming Brother! Me, I like just to eat it.

That eating thing seemed to be a good idea at the time, however, as all that wonderful bacteria got rolling around in my gut – I came to a different conclusion. I am very grateful my parents installed a doggie door for me to go out whenever I need to. I hear lots of talk from my parents about vomiting as well, but that never happened to me  … yet anyway!  It seems that this time of year many of my canine brothers and sisters are doing exactly the same thing in the great outdoors, and some get really sick!

I’m usually put on a strict intake for a few days, and then things work themselves out. If not better in a couple of days or if really sick with vomiting and diarrhea especially with blood present – a trip to the doctor is needed. Sometimes you might even have to spend the night in order to get better. The hospitals smell weird, but after awhile you get used to it, and the people there love to fuss over you – so enjoy it!

Dogs will be dogs, and we love to eat or roll in stuff that is dead and smells really bad. Either keep us away from the temptation or please have a kind heart when we get to feeling bad. We really don’t mean to poop all over your new floor or vomit in your car; we just get into trouble once in a while.

Have a great spring and keep adventuring in the great outdoors.

Written by Dr  Blatt DVM