Do You Have an Itchy Dog?

Allergic Skin Disease is one of the most frustrating conditions to treat in veterinary medicine. You may be asking yourself, “how can skin infections be that hard to treat?”. Well, there are many different allergens that can cause a flare up in your dogs skin. For example: your dog may have food sensitivities, may be allergic to things in the environment such as pollen or grass, may have sensitivities to shampoos, and may also be sensitive to flea bites and/or insect bites.


It may be difficult for your veterinarian to fully determine what allergen may be affecting your dog. This is why we may require multiple visits and combination therapies such as antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, limited ingredient foods, medicated shampoos, and parasite prevention.


It is very important to understand that Allergic Skin Disease is not curable, but maintainable. It is also important to follow the veterinarians prescribed plan of action for your dog and also to communicate/ update the veterinary team about your dogs condition, in terms of weather of not there is any progress.


Written by RaeAnne Emmell