Ear Mites

What is an ear mite you might ask?

Ear mites are tiny parasites that live in the ear canals of dogs and cats, though cats are more at risk for infection than dogs. Mites are very small and difficult to see with the naked eye. The fastest way to detect the presence of ear mites is to take a swab of ear wax and look under the microscope. The ear wax can have a dark coffee ground appearance and is very itchy for your pet.

ear mite

How did my pet get infected in the first place?

Your pet was in direct physical contact with another pet that was infected. Every pet in the household should have an exam done to check for the presence of mites. This is not contagious to their human family members.

How do I get rid of ear mites?

There are several prescription products available that will help treat the infection. There are many varieties available, whether it be a drop directly into the ear, or a topical product that will also provide coverage for additional parasites like fleas. All prescription recommendations are discussed with the owner to assess the pets lifestyle and risk for re-exposure. Due to the inflammation and irritation the mites cause in the ear canal, it is common to have a bacterial infection as well and will also be treated. It is also because of this that we do not recommend over the counter treatments. Please book an appointment to see your veterinarian for a proper assessment.

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Written by Holley McKee, RVT