Embrace the winter in Northern Ontario!


We love it and so do our pets, but they do need our help to ensure that they stay safe!  There are a few precautions that we should keep in mind!

When we are outside, we ensure that we have a winter coat, boots, hat and mitts on. Well, our pets rely on their fur only! (unless you dress up your dog in a coat and booties)

So always keep in mind when the temperatures become frigid, that we should make sure that our pets are not outside for long! Frostbite can happen very quickly also!

Some pets spend more time outside, so in this case, owners need to ensure that they do not become dehydrated since they need to use a lot more energy while running and playing in the snow.

Having a well- insulated dog house, increasing their food supply also with extra protein since again they will be burning off more energy while outside! And let’s not forget they need unlimited access to water! If you can buy a good heated water bowl this would make sure that they don’t have frozen water too.

Just remember if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them!

Written by Rhonda Piche Ranta