The Fall Season Is Upon Us

Summer has come and gone quickly once again. It’s often thought that fleas and ticks are no longer active, but the fall is one of their favourite seasons.

The season brings dampness and rain, cooler nights, and it gets darker earlier in the evening.

Fleas love our furry friends, even more, this time of year, especially when we have our cooler temperatures arriving in September. They also like humans and will bite you too. Ouch! Ticks love the damp, cooler weather – anywhere around the 4 degrees (some species of ticks also carry Lyme disease).

There are many different options of prevention and treatment available at your veterinarian’s office. Some topicals can be applied at the back of the neck once a month, and oral tablets are given monthly with a full meal.

Prevention is “key” this time of year to protect our furry friends from these pests that can cause allergic reactions and severe illness’!

Written by: Rhonda, Sr. Client Care Specialist