Our Companion’s Journey

The incredible journey of owning a pet through all of the milestones and phases in its life is so rewarding and fun! From kitten/puppy – to the senior days of chilling on the couch with us!

Through the journey though, our pets need a few things to help them with a healthy and happy life such as a healthy diet, exercise and vitamin supplements.

At your vet clinic, the staff (receptionist, technicians and veterinarians) are here to help you with providing the best in client education about the development of your pet through its years.

Through your pet’s life, we love to see how your pet develops into adulthood and beyond to when they start getting their grey hairs!

In their senior years, as with ourselves, we need to keep very close tabs on our pets.  We want to make sure that they are not in any discomfort from arthritis and joint stiffness.  They should also be on a senior food along with supplements.  Bi-yearly examinations are a great idea along with bloodwork (to ensure that no changes are going on inside also that we cannot physically see, ie. Internal organs)

We all want to enjoy that time we have with our amazing companions and want them to have the same experience as us!

Written by Rhonda Ranta, Receptionist