Cat of the Month; Steve

Hi! My name is Steve. The staff here at Baxter Animal Hospital take care of me on a daily basis. They say I am a senior boy. I guess that means I am past the 7-year mark where changes are more likely to happen. Just because I am 11 yrs old does not automatically mean I am diseased.

It is more that I am likely to have certain parts of my body not do as well anymore. When I came to Baxter Animal Hospital I looked ok to everyone, maybe a few grey hairs and some missing teeth. One of the technicians suggested running some blood work on me just to make sure. Well, wouldn’t you know…. They found out I was diabetic. With this information, I am now getting a special diet and insulin daily and feel even better than before!

So, I wanted to let you all know how important blood work is when we get older. The staff here may not find any worries, or they may find something that can be managed and treated and make your cat or dog feel so much better just like me!
Talk to any of my friends here about senior blood work to ensure your cat or dog has no hidden concerns

Written by Michelle McParland, RVT