Pet Holiday Safety

With the jingle jangle and the bustling of Christmas preparations coming way too fast again this year, sometimes we forget about our pets and the hazards that may be associated with this festive and stressful time of year.

The decorations, including tinsel, ribbon, ornaments, electrical cords, and the list goes on. They are not used to these items being around the house and love to taste and chew on them. Safe items should be placed on a tree, elevated from the bottom and make sure to contain the tree water so it not accessible for your pet to drink out of.

Our pets love food and treats as we do this time of year. Again, a lot of new treats that we indulge in and some not safe for our pets in ingest.  Chocolate and macadamia nuts are extremely toxic to our pets. Always keep in a safe area that they cannot reach.

We also give beautiful arrangements to our friends and family including mistletoe, holly berries and pointsettias. Mistletoe is considered very toxic and requires immediate attention by a veterinarian.

Have a happy safe holiday season.

Rhonda Ranta, Receptionist