Let’s Talk Teeth!

Did you know that poor periodontal disease can lead to cardiac and kidney disease.  Did you know that cats have 32 teeth and dogs have 48 teeth. Did you know that if your pet has bad breath, that he or she may need a dental cleaning?

Pet’s oral health is very important in both our canine and feline patients and about 85% of those patients are affected by dental disease. You may be asking yourself about what kind of things you can do to improve your pet’s oral health, here are some suggestions that have been clinically proven to help:

  • Brushing your pet’s teeth on a daily basis
  • Feeding your pet a dental diet like Medical Royal Canin Dental or Hill’s T/d
  • Using a water additive called Healthy Mouth which reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth
  • Using an oral cleansing solution called Maxi Guard
  • Giving your pet dental chews like C.E.T Dental Chews and Veggiedent Chews
  • Encouraging your pet to chew on toys like Kongs to help strengthen the periodontal ligaments

Written by: RaeAnne Emmell