Cats spend a lot of their day sleeping. This leaves little time in the day for exercise. Many cats are overweight due to overfeeding and lack of exercise. There are lots of available toys to encourage activity in cats that are geared to their hunting instincts. Restricted calorie diets are also available from your veterinarian and should be used with caution and supervision.

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Is my cat fat?

Your consultation with your veterinarian will be able to determine if your cat needs to lose weight.

How can my cat lose weight? Any weight loss tips?

Recommendations from your veterinarian might include a restricted calorie diet that has been prescribed. Encouraging activity by having them chase laser lights or offering cat trees for climbing. Many toys are commercially available. Canned food is an excellent weight loss strategy. Canned food has fewer calories per cup than dry food. Another weight loss tip is to actually weigh the food instead of using a measuring cup.

What is offered in nutritional consultations?

A nutritional consult with your veterinary team will provide you with a targeted goal weight and a daily calorie count. It is possible that in some cases, a diet change is recommended. We recommend all cats on a weight loss diet visit the clinic for interval weight checks to review progress or setbacks.

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