What Is Trazadone?

What is Trazadone?
Trazadone is a medication that is used to help manage canine and feline anxiety. After administration, most dogs will experience anxiety relief within 2 hours. However, the time of which it takes the Trazadone to take effect can vary and so does the duration of action. This is why it is important to test the medication with your pet before the anticipated event happens.

What can I use it for?

Trazadone has multiple different uses which vary from pet to pet. Trazadone can be used in pet’s who have had orthopedic surgeries or other surgeries where we would want to keep them quiet. It can also be used during other stressful situations where your pet would experience anxiety. Examples of these events could be vet visits, nail trims, travelling (car, plane, etc..,) or fireworks.

Before administering ANY medication to your pet, make sure you discuss with your veterinarian the benefits and side effects it could have on your pet.

Written by: Holley, RVT