Canine Influenza

I’m sure most of you have seen this in the news. It’s a pretty big deal. Why? Because it wasn’t until a few months ago that Canada saw it’s first positive case.

But what does this mean for our furry friends? First, it’s hard to differentiate the influenza strain from the ubiquitous canine cough. If your pet has been vaccinated for canine cough and shows symptoms like coughing, nasal or ocular lethargy and fever, it’s possible this new strain plays a role. Testing can be done at your veterinarian’s office to confirm. The good news is that the virus, in most cases, resolves on its own without any complications.

Please do not hesitate to bring in your pet if you observe these signs. Because it’s highly contagious, please do not take offence if you are asked to wait with your pet in the vehicle until the doctor can see you. Waiting amongst the others will put them at risk.

For more information, check out the link below.

Written by Holley McKee, RVT