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Cats & Parasites

So, it is that time of year…

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Do You Have an Itchy Dog?

Allergic Skin Disease is one of the most frustrating conditions to treat in veterinary medicine. You may be asking yourself, “how can skin infections be that hard to treat?”. Well, there are many different allergens that can cause a flare up in your dogs skin. For example: your dog may have food sensitivities, may be […]

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Heartworm Disease

Can a mosquito infect a dog with a deadly disease? Unfortunately the answer is yes and this happens repeatedly every year to dogs in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Our beloved family dog is what is called the “natural host” for heartworm, and that means that this foot long adult worm can establish itself […]

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Tick Alert!

  Ticks are on the rise and they will continue to expand northward at approximately 46km per year.  They can be found in areas of Southern British Columbia, southeastern and south central Manitoba, southern, eastern and northwestern Ontario, southern Quebec, southern New Brunswick and parts of Nova Scotia. Our most common ticks are the American […]

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All About Fleas from Baxter Animal Hospital

Written by Dr. Morag Maskery The weather is changing and with this warming up we are heading into Flea Season! All dogs and cats are at risk for fleas if they go outside, live in a household where one pet goes outside or have visiting animals or other pets in an apartment building living in […]

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Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

“I am not comfortable putting or giving my pet (insert veterinary parasite prevention product here).

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