Cats and Carriers

Have you ever thought of what type of cat carrier is best for your cat? Or, how to get your cat comfortable in the carrier so it he/she is easily transported? The following are tips on how to choose the appropriate cat carrier and how to make your cat comfortable with travel.

Cat carriers come in many different shapes, sizes and well, materials too. You want to choose one that you feel your cat will be most comfortable for travel. We recommend carriers that allow access from the top and the front. The top should be easily removed or have an access door from the top. Why do you ask? Well, if your cat is nervous or stressed, there are a lot of things that can be done while he/she is able to stay in the safety of the carrier. There is little movement of your pet during physical exams and even blood taking, especially if the cover of the carrier comes off. The following are some appropriate examples.

It is also best to carry your cat not by the handle, but by holding the crate in your arms. This creates better stability for your cat while inside the crate and decreases the stress. The less visual areas on the crate are also helpful. The more hustle and bustle your cat can see, the more stressed and anxious your cat may become.

To have your cat become more comfortable with the carrier, you need to make sure that it is left out all of the time. Allow the cat to go in and out and sleep in the carrier when he/she wants to. Tossing a favourite toy or treats into the carrier on and off is also helpful; this makes the carrier a fun place for the cat to go. Even feeding meals in the carrier help too. Having a product called Feliway around works fantastic. You can get this in a spray and spray the carrier about 20 minutes prior to use. Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that helps calm the cat.

cat spray

For more information on transporting your cat safely, please give us a call.


Written by Michelle McParland, RVT