Volunteering at Baxter: Maggie’s Story

Volunteering at Baxter Animal Hospital has given me invaluable knowledge and experience I hope to use while pursuing my career in veterinary medicine. The time and care to ensure animals are properly treated and in good health is something I will strive to take with me in my future endeavours. While volunteering, I was able to help prep animals for surgery, and allowed to monitor during surgeries! Over my months, I’ve gotten to partake in a femoral head osteotomy, a gastropexy, numerous dental extractions, spays, and neuters! I’ve learned how to properly restrain dogs and cats, and how to properly place catheters, and how certain drugs affect each animal differently. I am so grateful to the amazing team at Baxter Animal Hospital for giving me such an amazing opportunity this summer, as I’ve truly enjoyed every minute of the time I’ve spent there!

Written by Maggie, Baxter Volunteer