Congratulations on Your New Kitten!

It is truly a joy adopting a new feline friend! They are so therapeutic when they purr and knead on you when they go to sleep.

There also comes responsibility as being an owner to ensure that your feline friend has a happy and long life. Even if your kitten stays indoors, they need and deserve to be vaccinated, veterinarian checked and dewormed.

Vaccines ensure that they are protected from diseases, veterinarian checked, dewormed to ensure they do not have parasites that can cause health issues and pass along to their owners. Spaying/neutering at 5-6 months to prevent any unwanted litters.

As your cat ages to become a senior, there can be some internal changes that happen quickly (i.e. diabetes, thyroid changes, arthritis, to name a few).

Bloodwork and urine testing can indicate if your pets need therapeutic treatments, as well as senior wellness exams performed by the veterinarian. We want always to ensure that we give our furry feline friend a long happy life since they give us unconditional love every day!

Written by Rhonda Ranta, Receptionist