The Importance of Flea Prevention

Before entering into my program in at the University of Guelph-Ridgetown Campus, I knew I wanted to be doing something in animal care, but I lacked the experience and knowledge of actually working in this field. After finishing my program, I now look at things a lot differently.

Like the importance of flea prevention, did you know that one flea can lay up 50 eggs, 36-48 hours after a blood meal? If you spotted just one flea on your dog’s body, that means there could be hundreds more. They could be on your dog, in your carpet, bedding, cushions, along with your walls, or in cracks of your hardwood floors. That’s not just the adult fleas themselves, there could also be eggs, larvae, and pupae. To prevent a flea infestation, it is important to treat your furry friend as well as treat and vacuum your pet’s environment. By treating and vacuuming your pet’s environment regularly, this helps remove the eggs, larvae, and pupae before they become adults and lay more eggs. This also prevents any future outbreak after you have treated your pet and the environment it is living in.

Speak to your Veterinarian today about what flea preventative option would best suit your pet. There is a variety of either chews or topical ointments available with the added tick prevention as well!

Written by Samantha Toulouse, Student