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Blocked Cats

When your cat has trouble urinating, owners need to intervene as soon as possible.

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Cats & Parasites

So, it is that time of year…

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Spring Safety For Cats

The days are getting longer, temperatures are getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter these days! Wow! Feels like spring is in the air! We want to be able to start enjoying the outdoors! Opening up our windows to let the fresh air in the house… wait a minute… what is that scratching sound… oh […]

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Making Christmas an Event Furr the Whole Family By Ashley Kinach, RVT

Christmas is such a fun time of year! If you are anything like me, you want your pets’ to feel included in all the fun and festivities. The desire to include our furry friends can sometimes lead to accidents, illness and possible health emergencies if we don’t plan ahead and make smart choices.  Read up […]

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Household Dangers

Just as parents ‘childproof’ their home, so should pet owners ‘petproof’ theirs.

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Vaccines and Why My Pet Should Get Them?

Whether it be humans or pets we all know that immunizing against diseases is the best tool for preventive medicine.

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